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Current York, NY, 10/04/2022 /SubmitMyPR/

Username3.com today announced the release of their new platform that allows users to create their own decentralized link tree for their social media profiles. The platform will go live on October 16, 2022.

Social media platforms currently only allow users to add a link in their bio, and creators on Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube, and other platforms have often complained about this limitation.

This limitation launched players like Linktree and Allmylinks who created a system to store a list of their links under a single link.

Username3 is building a new decentralized link tree for Web3

This solution fixed a common problem as now a user can have their own landing page where they can get clicks and add a list of buttons at the bottom. These buttons can redirect visitors to a variety of pages, including websites, referral links, or other social media accounts. Users may also be redirected to additional links such as YouTube videos or newspaper articles provided by the owner.

Trace Miller, the CEO of username3, is quoted “Regardless of who you are and what you do, you most likely have more interesting links to share with your audience.”

“Username3 works the same way, but there’s one big difference! Our product is integrated on the blockchain”

“Because you OWN your link, every time someone clicks on it and mints (purchases) his/her own username3, you’ll receive an instant 20% reward on your Solana wallet.”

Users can see how much can potentially be earned via the link here: https://username3.com/rechner

How Username3 builds a new decentralized linktree

What username3.com has achieved is to build a perfectly working Web3 “Linktree”. The platform allows users to create their link in their BIO as a decentralized asset on the Solana blockchain.

Each page created is actually an NFT (non-fungible token) and is 100% owned by its owner on the blockchain.

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