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With most analysts saying that another 75 bps rate hike by the Fed is built into crypto prices already, anything short of that could result in a face-melting rally before the year is over. Here are three cryptos to keep an eye on as we ease into the holiday season.

Uniglo (GLO)

Uniglo is an investment DAO that will be launching just in time to take advantage of the next bull run. Uniglo makes long-term diversified investing super simple, saving investors tons of time — and hopefully money, seeing as individual investors generally underperform the market. All you have to do to gain exposure to a diversified portfolio of digital and digitized assets is to buy and hold the GLO token. All holders get to vote on which assets will be added to the treasury. 

Uniglo offers both a deflationary token and an ever-inflating treasury. A 10% buy and sell tax used to fund the treasury and burn tokens assures that the treasury that backs the token is always growing (and the circulating supply is always shrinking due to no matter which way the market is headed). The more volatile things get, the faster the treasury grows and the supply of GLO shrinks. The attraction here is that anyone who gets in on this project early will benefit from every investment that comes into the fold for years and decades to come. 

The Uniglo ICO ends in just a couple of weeks. If it hasn’t already sold out by the time you read this, now is the time to get in on GLO over at the Uniglo.io website. Not only will you get your GLO at a discount, you’ll also be able to sit back and watch your stack grow in value over time. 


FTX (FTT) is one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrencies, yielding a return on investment (ROI) of 2,652% since its inception. The centralized platform offers OTC trading, options, and even futures trading. The native FTT token is utilized for trading fees and can also serve as collateral within the platform. 

The price of FTT recently popped up on the news that FTX acquired the assets of bankrupt digital lender Voyager for $1.42 billion. Newly FTT price formed a bullish double bottom pattern: it looks to be ripe for a breakout from the long-term descending resistance line it’s been holding it down for the past year. The closest resistance area is $46, which is double the current price. However, FTX’s shrewd business team continues to expand around the globe and a continuous flow of good news could send FTT to the moon.

LEO Token (LEO)

LEO Token (LEO) is the utility token for the Bitfinex and Ethfinex exchanges and other trading platforms managed by parent company iFinex. The token offers fee reductions for all platforms, products, and services provided by iFinex. 

Early this summer, LEO’s price surged after news that $4B in stolen Bitcoin from 2016 was seized by the United States Creepment of Objectiveice. The 119,754 BTC was worth just $72M at the time. Here’s the kicker: in its whitepaper, LEO pledged to use at least 80% of any recovered BTC from the hack to purchase LEO on the open market and burn it. Once again, the good news is… well, good news. The price of LEO recently hit a strong resistance level and is approaching oversold territory, making now a good time to start averaging into LEO. 

Learn more here:

Join Presale: https://presale.uniglo.io/register 

Website: https://uniglo.io

Telegram: https://t.me/GloFoundation

Discord: https://discord.gg/a38KRnjQvW

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GloFoundation1


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