Autograph C0-Founder and CEO Dillon Rosenblatt explains the uniqueness of Tom Brady’s celebrity NFT for sports fans, NFT activity amid crypto winters, and the marketing of NFT engagement.

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Tom Brady will, for the 23rd straight year, be one of the most watched stories in the NFL this season. This year, you can invest in and even meet the Bucs QB and seven time Super Bowl champ. Athlete-centered NFT launching a new product called Signature Experiences. And here to tell us about it is Dylan Rosenblatt. He’s the Autograph CEO and co-founder. Josh Schafer is also here with us. Nice to see you, sir. So tell us about this signature experience ahead for Autograph.

DILLON ROSENBLATT: Yeah, thank you for having me. And the signature experience is something that we’re really excited about. It’s been an evolution of our product line, starting out with digital collectibles that got you some pretty unique access, all the way to a seasoned long journey to go along the ride with the greatest athlete of all time. So this NFT is going to be actually a dynamic NFT, which just means the media updates over time, along with Tom Brady.

But the benefits and the differentiated value of this we’re actually going to be providing a ton of utility and benefits to our collectors. People are going to be able to attend an IRL event with Tom and friends at the end of the year. We actually announced last week that we’re bringing our holders weekly fantasy advice from Matthew Berry in a private setting on our platform.

And the way that we look at this is it’s an unprecedented band journey designed to take people closer to Tom, closer to the things in his world, and closer to each other through the community aspect that inherently comes with NFTs. So people have bought NFTs in the past and always ask, why do I own this thing? What’s next for Me? And, this is our answer to that question, as we March towards our goal of bringing the next million people into Web3.

JOSH SCHAFER: And, Dillon, I want to ask about Tom’s involvement in the project as far as the ideation goes. What is he sort of– what has he said about NFTs when you guys are working on this type of thing, and how involved was he in this process?

DILLON ROSENBLATT: Tom believes they are a medium for a better experience for his fans and audience. He’s incredibly committed to the project and the platform. We actually jumped on a Twitter spaces w with him and Leonard Fournette the day before our launch on And he was talking about how he’s excited to give his audience and community a new experience.

If you think about whether it’s an athlete, a sports team, any of the above, they are as celebrated and valuable as they are because of the fan base and community. And so when he and I look at this market as a whole, we think Web3 technology and NFTs have the opportunity to create a better experience for those fans that they honestly deserve.

So he’s been excited about the storytelling aspect, the opportunity to give his audience a brand new way into his world and to the people that matter to him, and we’re excited for it.

JOSH SCHAFER: And Dillon, as we know, cryptocurrencies and NFTs have seen some volatility, right, as far as price action goes. And in the offseason this year that kind of became a big topic of conversation as far as Tom, some other famous celebrities like a Matt Damon that have been advertising for these cryptocurrencies. And then people are sort of coming out and asking where are they now when the cryptos are down?

I’m curious if Tom reconsidered his relationship with crypto or NFTs at all this off season. Was that a part of a discussion that you guys had at all when crypto kind of did hit this winter period?

DILLON ROSENBLATT: This NFT really is in a class of its own. People have advertised different things across the web, and that’s their decision. I think the markets will be what the markets will be. But this NFT actually gives the users and fans tangible value that they can be excited about for six, seven, months in a row.

As I said, there’s multiple regional IRL events, a big IRL event for every single NFT holder, weekly digital content with people like Matthew Berry, Buster Scher, Gronk, Leonard Fournette. So there’s so much cool stuff packed into this NFT that, regardless of what’s happening in the rest of the markets and the ecosystem. This is an experience, and a fan experience, that I genuinely believe people are going to want. So the intention behind this NFT is to do something really special and make memories for people. So the rest of it, to us, is just noise.

RACHELLE AKUFFO: Dillon, Rachelle here. A lot of people wondering about that utility factor when it comes to the future of NFTs. And I know that you want to expand, not just in sports, but also music, entertainment, and art. How do you sell some of these, perhaps, these future, people that you want to partner with on really the future of NFTs and the sort of value it could bring to their existing brands?

DILLON ROSENBLATT: Personally, where I get excited about this space is creating a brand new opportunity for experience and for engagement. If you look at the outlets for fandom that exists today, they’ve been the same for a long time. You buy a Jersey, you attend a game, you go on social media and talk about your favorite teams.

But what about all of the other opportunities that a combination of all the parts of Web3 technology can bring to audiences? So when we talk to an iconic partner, we get them excited about the opportunity of building a more loyal and engaged customer, and also rewarding their customer in a way that they deserve to be rewarded.

Companies are grateful for their consumers. And I think the outlets to show them that gratitude and care for what they’ve put into the things that they create, the options have been limited. I really see Web3 as a new paradigm for them to engage.

And not all partners see it the same way. The people that we’ve chosen to work with, the through line has been. They’re ready to come in. They’re ready to commit and engage, and do something new for their audience. And in this new paradigm, I think that’s going to become the expectation in three, five, ten years, is to do right by your customers, and do more for your customers and provide them with really cool experiences.

Dillon, what do you think the biggest obstacle is to getting the everyday average Joe, in this case, NFL fan involved in Web3, involved in NFT? Generally speaking, their eyes glaze over, and it’s a complicated process.

It’s exactly what you just said. It’s this– it’s a complicated process today. I think once people want to go through that learning curve, having a non-custodial wallet, like a MetaMask wallet or one of those examples. There’s a lot that unlocks an ecosystem. But the barrier to entry in the learning curve is actually pretty steep.

That’s why on for this sale, we built credit card functionality first. So users can go and pay in USD like they would for anything else online. So we’ve made a safe and simple flow. And then, if the user wants, they can actually mint that NFT into their non-custodial wallet.

So we’re committed to giving that optionality and being the bridge to bring Web2 users into Web3. But there’s an entire discipline of design created to make things simple for consumers. I think you can still take advantage of the impact of this technology, while providing an accessible experience. I don’t think those two things need to be at odds, and there are so many amazing people building in this space. And I think it will be a solved problem in the near future.

RACHELLE AKUFFO: Exciting stuff. A big thank you, Dillon Rosenblatt, and our very own Joe Schafer for joining us this afternoon. Gain a good weekend.

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