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Current meme coin Tamadoge (TAMA) has outpaced the gains of Terra Classic (LUNC) within its first week of trading on OKX exchange.

Terra Classic vs Tamadoge

Terra Classic (LUNC) rose 1,338% from its 2022 low of $0.00004123 hit on June 9th to $0.000593 on September 8th, over the course of a 91 day bull cycle.

terra classic lunc price rise

Tamadoge was listed on OKX September 27th at 11:00 UTC, seven days ago.

Relative to its early beta sale price of $0.01 – the first stage of its token presale which raised 19 million USDT in 55 days – Tamadoge has risen in price over 1,500%.

2 million USDT was raised during the Tamadoge beta sale round which began July 25th and sold out earlier than expected, in the first week of August.

Tamadoge All Time High

Tamadoge hit $0.1646 earlier today. Compared to its listing price of $0.03, the Tamadoge price is up 450% in its first week. 

The TAMA price retraced to a low on OKX of $0.01683 on its listing day – relative to that bottom on exchanges, it has risen approximately 10x.

Tamadoge was also listed on the OKX DEX platform and Uniswap on September 27th, followed by Bitmart on September 30th.

TAMA’s next listings include LBank and MEXC on October 5th, at 11:00 UTC and 13:00 UTC. The first Tamadoge NFT drop is also scheduled for October 6th.

The Terra Classic, or Terra LUNA Classic price as some traders refer to it is now consolidating over $0.0003.

Update – the Bitcoin price has also just broken out above $20,000 at press time, a good sign for trending altcoins such as LUNC and TAMA, and new token presales.

Tamadoge continued to a daily high of $0.197, up 1,870% from the beta sale price.

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