Space Hoes Presale – Ape O’Clock

Titano fork on Avalanche.
❌ No contracts.

They are offering HOE tokens (here) and booster NFTs (here) during this presale
❌ There is no information on the HOE supply
400,000 HOE is available to be purchased during this public presale
A whitelist sale was held beginning on May 14

500,000 HOE were available to purchase at $1 each
2000 booster NFTs were available at 1 AVAX each

Public presale price: $1.50 / HOE
Listing price: $2 / HOE
4969 booster NFTs are available during this public presale at 1.2 AVAX each
Token and NFT presale funds will be allocated as follows:

15% to liquidity
15% to community management
15% to marketing
30% to team and development
25% to the treasury

NFTs can boost APY up to 696,969%
NFT holders receive a portion of HOE transfer tax
2.2% per day or 300,000% APY, with 96 rebases per day
10% buy tax, or 13% buy tax, the docs say both:

5% to NFT holders
5% to the treasury

20% sell tax:

5% to NFT holders
5% to the treasury
10% to liquidity

❌ They have not announced when liquidity will be provided.


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