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The recent bear market has led many crypto enthusiasts to search for alternative ways to earn passive income from their digital assets. And for many, crypto staking has become a preferable option.

Unlike mining, staking does not require specialized hardware or consume large amounts of energy, making staking a more effortless and safer approach to generating passive revenue. 

Oryen Network, a soon-to-launch BSC-based protocol, has transformed the conventional staking experience with fully automated operations, where smart contracts automatically stake and generate rewards directly through users’ wallets. 

The innovation was well-received on the market, resulting in a +200% price increase over a few weeks. SushiSwap and Solana’s holders are also among the early ORY supporters. How does this affect the future of this exciting gem?

How does Oryen Network work?

Oryen is a DeFi startup that specializes in auto-staking. An innovative OAT system developed by Oryen leverages security-audited smart contracts to fully regulate staking processes, ensuring that no third party is engaged in profit-making. 

What’s more, Oryen provides its customers with a set annual percentage yield (APY) of 90% or hourly rebasing rewards 24 times a day, compounding 0.177% daily ROI, which is superior to the industry norm in terms of both speed and rate. 

The protocol sets a tax system that levies an 8% tax on all ORY purchases and a 12% tax on all ORY sales. These transaction fees fund the treasury, liquidity pools, and RFV wallets, allowing the protocol to remain stable despite market swings. 

Oryen ICO

Aside from its breakthrough technology, Oryen’s ICO sale has been hugely successful. In just a few weeks, the presale price of ORY has skyrocketed by 250%. Now that Phase six is about to start at $0.175, and the launch price has been declared at $0.35, every moment counts as a chance to lock in the biggest possible profits. 

Notably, the team does not impose a vesting period, giving each presale investor similar freedom to cash their profits once the project is online. 

The Oryen presale strategy has attracted much interest from various online communities.

In fact, it was recently ranked as the greatest investment option by Reddit users and is on Business2community’s list of the most anticipated presales of 2022.


SushiSwap is a decentralized token-swapping platform built on Ethereum, using the Uniswap protocol. SushiSwap facilitates the exchange of many digital currencies. There is a 0.3% fee to enable each swap, 0.25% of which goes to liquidity providers, and 0.05% is converted to SUSHI and paid to customers holding SUSHI tokens.


Solana is a public blockchain that allows the creation of smart contracts, NFTs, and decentralized applications (dApps). The Solana blockchain is managed by 200 nodes capable of processing over 50 thousand transactions per second. Solana’s Proof of History protocol contributes to the network’s scalability and low transaction fees. Users may also stake Solana in exchange for incentives.

The Final Takeaway

Oryen has become a go-to staking space for many because of its high and stable payouts and hourly rebases. Analysts believe the intensive backing from SUSHI and SOL holders will undoubtedly lead to further interest in the currency, expand its reliability in the broader public, and eventually make $ORY a recognized stable digital currency across various platforms and chains.

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