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Grapenopolytoken 🍇 $GRAPE – Grapenopoly is a new Weeppto Metaverse and NFT Play to Earn Game for BSC, Polygon, Ethereum and Multichain Blockchains.

🔑 Key features

– Earn Money from Your Rental Grapenopoly Precisety
– In-game Buy Low, Sell High
– Sell NFT Rightties Directly
– Updated 3D metaverse experiences
– Begin for community minting
– Expand the passive income in a built-in attributes
– Multi tokenization – digital and physical assets
– NFTs merge – the rarity power
– Auction, marketplace and APIs for secondary market integration

🔗 Official Website Grapenopoly – NFT P2E


✅ Check out Grapenopoly Metaverse on Youtube

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