grape invest

If you want to invest in GrapeSwap please follow these steps

For Binance Smart Chain Network:

From newbies to experienced users

  1. Create your account at Binance Exchange: link
  2. Buy BNB
  3. Create your Metamask or Grapeswap wallet: GrapeWallet | Metamask
  4. Transfer/Withdraw your BNB from Binance Exchange to your Metamask wallet
  5. Access GrapeSwap website:
  6. Buy GRAPE and GRAPE-UP Tokens using your BNB balance:
  7. Stake BNB or other dozen type of tokens to earn GRAPE
  8. Add Liquidity for Grape creating LP (liquidity pool) pairs at Pancakeswap:
    2. GRAPE/BNB
  9. Farm your LPs created:
  10. Boost your stake and farm gains using power-up from GRAPE-UP Tokens: #GRAPE #GUMMY #GU2TASTY #GUICEPOP #GUFEST #GUJET #GUFORT #GUIMP #GUDMD #GURUBY
  11. Follow the evolution of Grape Ecosystem:
  12. Use and Spread Grape on Twitter:

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