The Helium Network has concluded community voting for HIP 70, its proposal to move the decentralized Wi-Fi network from its blockchain to Solana.

The voting concluded yesterday at around 11:00 am. Around 81% of the voters favored the move to Solana. Fragmenticipants staked their helium token (HNT) to participate in the on-chain vote.

According to the results, 6,177 community members voted in favor of the proposal and staked around 12 million HNT tokens. On the other hand, 1,270 voted against the proposal.

Since only a two-third majority was required for the vote to pass, it seems like Helium will be moving to Solana. Once the migration is complete, a new version of the Helium Wallet App will be made available.

According to the proposal which was proposed last month, Helium would move all of its tokens, HNT, IOT, MOBILE, and DC (Data Credits), their governance and economics to Solana. 

Helium’s core developers think that this move would improve Helium’s speed, stability and ability to serve more users.

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