GrapeSwap Token

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The $Grape Token is an Utility Token launched to provide DeFi services to Multichain users.

GrapeSwap –  Initialy launched at Binance Smart Chain (BSC) – our vision and execution is to transforming the decentralized finance industry more useful and interoperable.

GRAPE Tokenomics

Ticker Symbol: GRAPE
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
IEO — Initial Exchange Offering — Price: 0.32427990 BUSD 0.00360311 BNB
Token Type: BSC — Binance Smart Chain
BSC Scan GRAPE Token Tracker:
Avalanche Scan GRAPE Token Tracker:

Token Breakdown

  1. 80% (800,000,000) — Public Offering at Grape Swap Tools: Grape Token TreasuryLiquidity Pool, Staking, Farming, Lottery, Airdrop and others.
  2. 20% (200,000,000)— Founder Lockup: Lockup over 2 years vested in 25%


Yes, we have a strategy to burning amount of GRAPE tokens. This plan will be released soon

Disclamer: GrapeSwap and Grape Token does not autorize to be used from users in any countries/regions/territories that has explicitly banned the use of Tokens and Cryptocurrencies. If any user from these locations uses our software, the rules and penalties for their regions will fully apply to them.

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