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Binance Smart Chain | Avalanche and Multichain Blockchain – supporters now our the best DeFi platform GrapeSwap – follow this link and follow our news and roadmap at

GrapeSwap –  From Lidia DeFi Framework at BSC – for investors and entrepreneurs – Swap | Pool | Staking | Farming | Play2Earn | NFT | DEX | Payment and more

GrapeSwap was born inside the development team and launched as an White label Platform named as Lidia.

We are putting our best technical capacity within Lidia and its products. GrapeSwap is one of them that will bring great tools for DeFi in the BSC ecosystem.

Official Grape Token info:

Coinmarketcap GrapeSwap –

Check out our roadmap.

Disclaimer: GrapeSwap does not autorize to be used by users in any countries/regions/territories that has explicitly banned the use of Tokens and Cryptocurrencies. If any user from these locations uses our software, the rules and penalties for their regions will fully apply to them.

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