How is my Staking APR calculated on Grape Staking BSC DeFi https://grapestaking.lidia.in?

The calculation could be based on percentage of stake participation (% of share) or amount of participation.

Percentage of stake participation mode

When your stake are in % of share of some stake (eg. BNB/GRAPE), it’s position into some stake will be shared with stakes of other users. For each percentage position which your stake achieves you will be rewarded in token (eg. GRAPE) by second.

Amount of participation mode

Your stake position is independent of another users stakes, every earning of some stake (eg. BNB/GRAPE) will be based on your amount stake. For each unit of stake token (eg. BNB) you will be rewarded in token (eg. GRAPE) by second.

Earnings per share per second

To exemplify this case, let’s assume you are in a stake which is informed:

Earnings per % of participation in stake share per second: 0.00001 USD

It means that each 1% your stake achieves you will earn 0.00001 USD in token reward. That is, if you reach 10% then you will be earning 0.0001 USD per second, and if you be alone in stake with 100% of share you will earn 0.001 USD per second.

  • 1% in share participation = 0.00001 USD per second
  • 10% in share participation = 0.0001 USD per second
  • 100% in share participation = 0.001 USD per second

This method is used to pay more to stakers with more share contribution on stake.

Earnings per amount of participation in stake per second: 0.00001 USD

For each unity of staked token per second you will earn 0.00001 USD in token reward.

  • 1 unit in stake = 0.00001 USD per second
  • 0.5 units in stake = 0,000005 USD per second
  • 10 units in stake = 0.0001 USD per second
  • 100 units in stake = 0.001 USD per second

This method is used to bring consistency on rewards with independent contribution on stake.

APR Calculation

The rewarded token price is quoted in USD by Grape Swap Exchange https://grapestaking.lidia.in/swap/

Each accumulated percentage reward per second is used for the year forecast result, called as APR (Annual Percentage Rate).

Following the example above the APR is calculated by:

  • Let’s exemplify that invested token (BNB token of BNB/GRAPE) unity price is $200 USD;
  • 1% in share participation or 1 unit in stake = 0.00001 USD per second;
  • 0.00001 USD x 60 x 60 x 24 = 0.864 USD per day for each 1% share or 1 unit;
  • 0.864 USD x 365 = 315.36 per year for each 1% share or 1 unit in stake;
  • 315.36 USD / 200 USD = 157.68% APR;

This example means that for each percent of share or each unit of token invested using BNB your annual reward rate is 157.68%.


The percentage share earnings is not directly based on amount, few or many is determined by participation share. Investors may enter using few cents in a low used stake and earn high values in participation. New users may enter with high value and reduce another users participation increasing his/her own participation.

The amount of participation earnings is directly related to stake amount per unit of staked token. Be alone or have many users in same stake will not affect earnings.

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