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The Tornado Cash Ethereum mixer team deployed the service’s smart contracts on the Optimism layer 2 solution network. This was reported to ForkLog by representatives of the project.
According to the press release, Tornado Cash now works on the networks of Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, xDAI Chain, Avalanche, Arbitrum and Optimism.
According to According to the developers, since the launch of Optimism, users have saved more than $275 million on gas fees. They explained the choice of this solution by the desire to “join a wide and diversified network of applications that already use this L2.”
According to L2 Fees , at the time of writing, transaction fees on this network are at $2.46. For comparison, in the Ethereum blockchain, the figure exceeds $9.5.

Data: L2 Fees.
Optimism is one of the most popular L2 solutions for the Ethereum blockchain. According to L2 Beat, the volume of funds blocked in its network exceeds $400 million. The leader of the segment, Arbitrum, has a figure of $2.8 billion.

Data: L2 Beat.
Earlier, the Tornado Cash team integrated the service with the Arbitrum One network. 
Recall that in December 2021, the mixer developers deployed the Nova pool, which allows you to deposit and withdraw arbitrary amounts of ETH.

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