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On Friday, Solana’s network stopped processing transactions and lost connectivity due to a node misconfiguration.

This is the fourth major outage the popular blockchain has had to face since the beginning of the year. Previously, there was a series of outages in January.

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The new Solana blockchain outage comes almost a year after an 18-hour outage last September.

Meanwhile, the blockchain’s native crypto, the SOL token, lost 81% of its value this year due to crypto winter.

Otherwise, the token is the 9th largest token by market capitalization. On Friday night at 7:01 PM ET, the Solana Foundation’s Solana Status site posted that their network was experiencing performance issues.

It also said that blockchain developers are working to identify the issue. Shortly after, Solana posted that the network had an outage and was unable to process the transaction.

Cause of blackout

A Solana validator, who runs, said the network split due to a node misconfiguration.

According to Stakewiz, the problem was supposed to be solved by the Solana codebase, but for some unforeseen reason it was causing an unrecoverable fork or partition.

According to Stakewiz, the misconfiguration was an accident, most likely a failure to set up the node.

The Solana mainnet network has been rebooted by blockchain developers with the last confirmed slot of 153139220.

At the time of publication, the reboot was about 49% complete, and the Solana blockchain outage was about 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Solana’s reaction

Solana Labs didn’t immediately come up with a statement to address the network’s recent outage yet again.

There have been some wrangling in the past between Solana executives and the crypto media about the number of outages the network has suffered.

Anatoly Yakovenko, founder of the Solana blockchain, said earlier this month that the outage had become a curse on the network.

He also emphasized that there have been times in the history of Bitcoin’s blockchain that it took hours between two blocks.

However, it was Solana who was in trouble. This is his one of several blockchains that are smart contracts, popularly known as the “Ethereum Slayer”.

Solana is very popular for issuing decentralized applications (DApps) and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).

On September 15th, the Ethereum blockchain transitioned to a PoS (Proof of Stake) protocol, making Solana the third PoS blockchain in terms of market capitalization.

Cardano and Ethereum occupy the first two spots. But if Solana wants to truly compete with Ethereum, as it’s advertised, it needs to work things out.

This means that these frequent outages must be eliminated to keep the network up and running in order to grow. Ethereum Abolisher Solana Suffers Another Outage

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