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Hi, I’ve been dabbling with the avalanche network and after swapping some AVAX to BNB using trader joe I now have two BNB tokens in my wallet. When I attempt to transact on the avalanche network it is only able to see/use the BNB balance from one of these coins and ignores the larger amount of BNB. Like I said, new to the avalanche network so I’m hoping someone can point me to a user guide for a bridge or explain to me that the secondary BNB is actually a wrapped token that I can somehow swap to regular BNB. Or failing that provide me with a simpler and more obvious cause/solution. See picture below.

The easiest way is to recharge to the exchange and then change the chain to withdraw coins.Or use a cross-chain bridge.

Thanks OcoininMM, has anyone done a simple guide or video on how to “recharge”.I’m also curios as to why the avalanche network is trying to use my BNB for gas fees instead of AVAX. My AVAX is currently zero, but even when I had an AVAX balance the chain keeps wanting to use BNB.

Or by recharge do you mean buy more BNB on an exchange and send it to my wallet and hope that it ends up the BNB coin that the wallet is trying to use for gas fees and not the one is shows but seems to ignore.

All sorted, turned out I had the currency symbol for the chain set wrong, so the AVAX I had was showing up as BNB. Once I chanced the currency symbol to AVAX everything started working as I expected it to.

Basically the smaller balance of what i thought was BNB, was actually AVAX the whole time. Thanks for your help


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