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by Market Trends November 28, 2022


If you bought $1,000 of Dogecoin today, how much ROI could you expect in the next bull market?

This is a question thousands of crypto investors ask themselves each day. Sometimes they get lucky, and seize opportunities like the 150% price breakout Dogecoin experienced following the Elon Musk takeover of Twitter.

Sometimes Dogecoin investors aren’t so lucky. There are at least 1.5 million Dogecoin addresses in the red right now.

Some of these have made losses up to -87% (aka they bought at the Dogecoin all-time high in May 2021).

Here’s how much you could expect to make from a $1,000 investment in Dogecoin vs EverGrow in the next bull market.

Read more about EverGrow here:

$1,000 into EverGrow – 3,900% + $500 passive income per month

EverGrow is a rising altcoin star which is tipped to be the next breakout crypto on the market.

EverGrow combines crypto passive income generation, automated token burning and an ecosystem that sends 100% of its revenue back to holders. The project aims to create the future of DeFi – and price predictions based on previous statistics make an interesting proposal for crypto investors today.

In the last bull market, EverGrow hit a market cap of $1 billion and a price of $0.0000034. 

In the bear market the price has fallen to $0.0000001. But this is an attractive price points for any lucky investors reading this today for two reasons:

  • When EverGrow reaches a $1 billion market cap again, the price will pump at least 20% higher thanks to huge token burning 
  • Anyone buying in at low prices can access greater passive income generation 

A $1,000 EverGrow investment today will be making just $3 a month passive income. But since passive income is dependent on trading volume – which hit $10 million a day in the last bull market – your $1,000 EverGrow investment today will be making at least $555 per month passive income when the bull market returns.

Few crypto projects can offer you both a price increase and passive income potential worth 50% of your investment every month.

Read more about EverGrow here:

$1,000 into Dogecoin – 600% ROI at next bull market if you’re quick!

Dogecoin has a habit of spiking suddenly in price – and crashing just as quickly.

Here, we’re assuming that Dogecoin can hit its all-time high market cap again in the next bull market. That’s a jump to $90 billion from the current market cap of $12.6 million.

But hold on. Many investors are quick to invest in Dogecoin since any Elon Musk-related news is bound to create a price pump again. But they forget that Dogecoin is inflationary. Some 5 billion DOGE is added to the supply each year – making Dogecoin annual inflation around 4%.

If the market cap can reach the same heights in the next bull market, Dogecoin would be about 10% lower in price than at the last all-time high. 

That’s why we’re predicting that Dogecoin won’t break the all-time high price again. DOGE would need billions more dollars to hit the same price. Furthermore, the Dogecoin high price never holds for long as it’s backed by speculation rather than any real-world long-term value at present.

Buy all means buy Dogecoin, but you’ll need to spend hours watching the price charts to make maximum ROI. 

If you buy EverGrow at the same time you can relax knowing that you’ll make passive income in your wallet regardless of checking any price charts at all. In the next bull market, that passive income could make you back all your initial investment and more if you buy EverGrow today.

Read more about EverGrow here:

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