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David Limp, head of devices in Amazon stated that he is not willing to live in a digital realm 24X7, or even just for some hours.
David Limp believes that there will be some kind of place-shifting in future, he is concentrating on devices that “bloom the here and now.”
He also takes a toll on Mark Zuckerberg’s metaverse dreams, saying that Meta CEO is thinking for a long term vision with a few concrete details.

Amazon Hardware Exec Adds Criticism
Meta (formerly Facebook), and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg are not having very good times currently, as folks are turning their back from the idea of living in the metaverse. This week, it was Amazon hardware exec David Limp who joined the queue, and showed his unwillingness to stay into the metaverse.
When he was asked regarding what he thinks about the metaverse. He stated that undoubtedly there will be a kind of place-shift in upcoming years, but he is emphasizing on devices that contribute to the present, adding that with current technology such as mobile and wireless earbuds, communicating with kids becomes tough even if a family lives under the same roof.
He also stated that metaverse is hard to define because if you ask the same question “what is metaverse?” we will get over 200 different answers, as it does not have a robust definition where everyone can get agreed upon.

While talking about Meta, its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg has tried to define this digital realm, but it seems that he is looking far away without having any robust details to cover that journey.
AR Is Better Than VR
David Limp thinks of AR more highly than VR, as according to him, folks can at least remain aware of the physical world. However, he further added that he won’t like it entirely if everyone is hammered in a virtual world, losing sight of reality.
David Limp is not the only individual to carp at the future of Meta. CEO of snapchat said something similar regarding the unstable definition of metaverse, and the organization primarily focuses on reality where folks actually reside.
Reggie Fils-Aimé, previous head of Nintendo of America said that Facebook lacks innovation, and anticipated that folks might not want to spend their spare time in the metaverse.
Even if some does not believe in the metaverse and doesn’t think highly of it, it won’t decide its fate. We should not forget that big organizations are taking their steps towards the metaverse. Take JPMorgan for example, global leaders in investment banking have entered this realm.
This is just one instance of how the mammoth organizations on this globe are inclined towards this mesmerizing concept. However, these criticisms are just some drops in the ocean, which doesn’t count anyway and will fade away when the concept of metaverse will conquer in future.

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