Cook Finance: Now On Avalanche

Cook has opened its doors to the avalanche ecosystem and is available now at
Everyone isn’t a “degen”. Some people want exposure to the world’s greatest assets without worrying about research, hedging, and diversifying. Traditional markets have a solution for this, indexes!
Cook Finance is the first DeFi Index platform launched on Avalanche Network
Cook has chosen to venture toward Avalanche because of the continuing interest from their userbase toward L1s, particularly the lower fees. This means that users will be able to have exposure to a basket of DeFi tokens. Cook’s products on avalanche include a yield-bearing mega-cap, which buys up yield-bearing BTC and ETH, as well as a stable coin yield basket and an Avalanche Ecosystem basket.
Cook Protocol is a trustless, transparent, and incentivized cross-chain asset management platform that provides the ability for investors and asset managers to control their wealth through cross-chain investment portfolios.
To learn more visit the docs here
Twitter: @cook_finance


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