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Pepe, the popular meme coin that exploded in early May, delivered traders who got in early returns of more than 3,000%.

But since hitting an all-time high of $0.0000042 on May 5, the token has been on a steady decline – $PEPE has now fallen to $0.00000145, a loss of more than 65%.

Many traders are wondering whether $PEPE has another pump left in it, but savvy crypto analysts already have their eye on the next meme coin to explode: Wall Street Memes.

$PEPE Price Prediction: Is a 100% Pump in June Possible?

While $PEPE has fallen far off its all-time high, the token’s popularity has remained surprisingly high. At the current price, $PEPE is still up roughly 500% from its launch price.

That’s led many traders to wonder whether Pepe is in a consolidation pattern, just waiting to make another move higher.

The next resistance level for $PEPE is roughly $0.0000030, which equates to a 100% price increase from its current price. That has traders speculating that $PEPE could double in value in June.

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Unfortunately for Pepe holdouts, a 100% pump seems unlikely, as trading volume in $PEPE has declined significantly even as the price has remained stable.

According to CoinMarketCap, $PEPE now sees just $164 million in daily trading volume, down from $3 billion at its peak and $270 million a week ago. That suggests that traders are losing interest in Pepe, even if many aren’t actively selling their tokens.

Pepe also lacks a clear catalyst that could spark a surge in the trading – $PEPE is already listed on every major crypto exchange, including Tier-1 exchanges like Binance and OKX.

Short of Elon Musk tweeting about Pepe, which seems unlikely since he said nothing about it during the original pump, it’s unclear what could get buzz around $PEPE going again.

With all that in mind, a pump in $PEPE in June isn’t impossible, but all signs point to it being very unlikely.

Wall Street Memes Launches from Stellar Dev Team, Presale Kicks Off with $200k Raise

While traders are busy watching $PEPE for signs of life, they could be missing out on the next red hot meme coin.

Wall Street Memes launched its presale on May 25 and raised more than $200,000 in under 24 hours, a strong indication that this could be the next Dogecoin in the making.

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Can Pepe Price Explode 100% in June? Wall Street Memes Crypto Presale Might Be The ... - Finbold 5

Wall Street Memes was created by the same development team behind the hit Wall St Bulls NFT collection, which sold out in a half-hour after launching in 2021.

The team has close ties to the r/WallStreetBets community and already has a huge community of more than 400,000 followers across its social media channels.

This is a team that knows how to make viral, highly successful creations in the crypto space, with its upcoming Ordinals NFT collection also generating a large amount of hype – especially as there are only 420 available to mint.

In an even more encouraging sign, the team hasn’t allocated any $WSM tokens to itself, making Wall Street Memes a fully community-driven project. They’re committed to the success of this project and only stand to benefit if early investors profit.

The early surge in the Wall Street Memes presale shows that investors trust this team and are enthusiastic about the project. In fact, the first stage of the presale is now more than 40% sold out.

The $WSM token has a maximum supply of 2 billion tokens, of which half are allocated to the Wall Street Memes presale, which anyone can invest in.The presale has an ambitious hard cap of $30.577 million, with CEX and DEX listings planned once it sells out.

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In addition to getting access to $WSM ahead of exchange listings, presale investors have a chance to join the Wall Street Memes airdrop, which is offering $10,000 worth of $WSM to each of five lucky investors.

During the first stage of the presale, investors can buy $WSM at just $0.025 per token. The project plans to list $WSM at $0.0337, so Stage 1 investors stand to earn paper gains of 35% ahead of the project’s ICO.

Visit Wall Street Memes Presale

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