The eSport is a relatively new addition to the gambling world. The field became extremely popular when the whole world had to stay at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic and since then continues to grow rapidly while attracting new players and investors from all over the globe. By introducing the latest technologies and working with blockchain development companies, so called esports betting proclaimed itself as one of the most successful and profitable businesses of late.

As a result, more and more people are considering starting their own esports business and are looking for betting providers. In this article you can find the information on 5 of the top esports betting software providers so far.


Best eSports Betting Software Providers - 5

This provider has been in the business for over 15 years now and made a name for itself in that time. The players are choosing its software because of the quality risk management, vast choice of bonuses, great functioning and quite a few odds formats. BetConstruct provides about 12.000 events per month, streaming live in high-quality with the ability to check the number of games viewed monthly.

Furthermore, it is really important to find a reputable crypto sportsbook that includes only trustworthy providers to bet on. Professional bettors recommend checking platforms before playing with fortune, so you can never miss out. 


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Best eSports Betting Software Providers - 6

Playtech’s betting software is available across all channels and gives its owners the user account integration, simple interface for the esports bets offering with the vast list of betting markets. In order to provide the best player experience, Playtech offers a vast choice of fully simulated sports.


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Best eSports Betting Software Providers - 7

If you are looking for the esports betting software provider with the most customer-oriented approach, you should definitely choose Digitain. Having over 10 years of experience, this company has a superior esports software and offers the most trustworthy solutions in sports betting. With the specially designed layout, Digitain guarantees high-quality streams for over 1000 tournaments, 17000 events per month and over 30 popular games like DOTA2, Fortnite, FIFA, Call of Duty and League of Legends. 


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Best eSports Betting Software Providers - 8

The esport betting solutions provided by Sbtech feature a wide choice of esports games, casino and live casino. The key thing that distinguishes Sbtech from other providers is its impressive range of payment methods – it’s over 100 options. Among other remarkable features we can name a Sbtech Chat, real-time analytical platform, ability to deploy real-time data and automatic multi-channel notifications to help customers manage their players. 


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Best eSports Betting Software Providers - 9

This company’s betting software is known as highly innovative and fast-working. It gives customers over 95 betting types while constantly adding new betting markets and esport games. The owners of EveryMatrix software gain the ability to customize profit margin, vast selection of betting markets, access to fully automated trading and a bonus system. You can also choose multiple partners for streaming on both match and overview pages. 


In order to start a successful esport business, you must find yourself a good betting solution. We briefly went through the 5 best esports betting software providers, giving their general description and main characteristics. While choosing your own provider, look for someone who offers users a wide range of tournaments, games and matches to bet on, is client-oriented and gives the best technical support. If you want to bet on crypto, сheck all these boxes – and the esport betting world awaits!

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