Bella Hadid Introduces Her First-Ever NFT Drop, “CY-B3LLA” – Hypebae

Bella Hadid is jumping into the digital world, launching her first-ever NFT collection dubbed “CY-B3LLA.”

The model took to Instagram to announce her latest project. “Say hi to CY-B3LLA,” she wrote, adding: “As we’ve been reminded too many times, the universe we live in is imperfect. But I believe this provides a true opportunity to build a meta community, sustained by peace, love, compassion and meaningful connections.”
According to the star, “CY-B3LLA” — created in partnership with reBASE — will consist of 11,111 exclusive NFTs. Each piece of digital art is a unique 3D scan of Hadid and will serve as a way for her to connect with her fans. Collectors of the NFT will gain access to an in-person meet and greet, as well as events worldwide. She explained: “That’s just the beginning. In the coming months, we’ll grow this new meta-nation with real locations and events all around the world, where I can meet each and every one of you.”
You can follow the “CY-B3LLA” Instagram account for the latest updates and head to the official website to register for the whitelist.

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