Avalanche (AVAX) Team Explains Why Subnets Are Better Than Other Scalability Solutions

Vladislav Sopov
Avalanche (AVAX) Smart Contracts Platform Reveals Advantages of Its Subnetting Solution Over Competitors’ Scalable Design


User-Friendly, Independent, “Out-of-the-Box”: Why Subnets Are Special
Multiverse program begins integrating Avalanche-centric dApps

In 2022, the high-performance programmatic blockchain Avalanche (AVAX) introduced its subnetting mechanism to scale the mainnet and improve its performance and usability. Here’s how subnetting solves the most dangerous bottlenecks in dApps.
User-Friendly, Independent, “Out-of-the-Box”: Why Subnets Are Special
In their latest Twitter thread, the Avalanche team decided to cover the most crucial benefits of their Subnets module. Technically, the subnets should be thought of as the standalone networks connected to Avalanche’s C chain.

You may have heard that subnets are how #Avalanche is endlessly evolving, and subnets are the future of Web3 infrastructure. But how? Why? And after?
Let’s dive deeper into how they work and how they solve some of Web3’s biggest challenges: 🧵⬇️https://t.co/awBnK70Lti
— Avalanche 🔺 (@avalancheavax) May 19, 2022

As such, Avalanche’s subnets can be customized to meet the requirements of any particular DeFi protocol, blockchain game, NFT market, and more.
Each subnet leverages a dedicated block space: unlike first-generation scaling solutions for consumer dApps, they don’t compete for mainnet compute resources.


It allows users to protect the entire Avalanche Network (AVAX) against outages, meltdowns, and spikes in fees, even during times of high transactional pressure.
Multiverse program begins integrating Avalanche-centric dApps
In addition, the subnets provide an “out-of-the-box” technical foundation for decentralized applications: the new dApp can be deployed to the subnets in hours, not days, as pointed out by Avalanche representatives.
That said, the protocol will expand the visibility of Avalanche’s Subnets brand. The Multiverse program is launched to integrate all applications interested in building on subnets.
To apply for the program, developers must fill out a specific form. Additionally, the Avalanche team is teasing the release of new resources and tools for subnet-focused engineers.
As covered by U.Today previously, Avalanche’s subnets have been criticized by Polygon’s COO.


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