“As part of their investment, Microsoft gained exclusive access to the entire OpenAI codebase,” Musk wrote on Friday.

A Twitter user responded, “not everything.”

“ChatGPT is entirely housed within Microsoft Azure,” the billionaire replied in the comments thread, referring to the company’s cloud services. 

“When push comes to shove, they [Microsoft] have everything, including the model weights.”

Later, the tech tycoon used a Tesla board member’s remark to emphasize that OpenAI should continue to be a non-profit and not a source of income for a single firm.

Hiro Mizuno, an investor and a director of Tesla since 2020, enquired: “I had always regarded OpenAI as non-profit. How it changed and fell under business ownership?” 

“Good question. It somehow transitioned from an open source non-profit to a closed source for-profit,” Musk answered. 

A thread to connect the dots

“Aren’t you an OpenAI investor?” Katherine Brodsky, a journalist, questioned Musk in the same thread of tweets. 

“I donated the first $100M to OpenAI when it was a non-profit, but have no ownership or control,” Musk responded

Musk, who also owns SpaceX, has repeatedly spoken out against the dangers of artificial intelligence. He claimed in a New York Times interview in 2020 that AI will be far more sophisticated than humans in less than five years.

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