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Millionaire Martin Mobarak set fire to a $10 million precious Frida Kahlo painting in a martini glass as part of the NFT launch, according to Luxury Launches.

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The entrepreneur did not blink an eye before criticizing the work of the world famous artist, which demonstrates blatant disrespect for the work of others. What’s more, he filmed proudly setting fire to a small, colorful drawing of Kahlo to promote the sale of digital versions of a rare 1944 artwork.

According to the country’s National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature, the now-defunct Frida Kahlo work was considered a national treasure in Mexico, which caused Mobarak to become the center of a scandal, and the Mexican authorities have already taken retaliatory measures.

“I hope everyone here can understand this. I hope everyone can see the positive side,” he said, before removing the brightly colored “Fantasmones Siniestros” from the frame and lighting it on fire in a martini glass full of fuel.

This beautiful piece of art will be replaced by 10,000 unique copies of “Fantasmones Sinistros” by Mobarak NFT. The sale is expected to benefit the Palace of Fine Arts in Mexico, the Frida Kahlo Museum in Coyoacán and several child health charities. “We are going to change the lives of thousands of children,” Mobarak said. The National Institute of Fine Arts of Mexico expressed its opinion and launched an investigation into the destruction of the drawing.

“In Mexico, the deliberate destruction of an art monument is a crime under the federal law on archaeological, artistic and historical monuments and areas. All the necessary information is currently being collected to establish with certainty whether the destruction was an original work or a reproduction,” the institute said in a statement.

It’s funny that the Palace of Fine Arts has not received any donations from Mobarak or his company Frida.NFT.

Is it possible to burn revered physical works of art to make them a unique find in the Metaverse?

Wherever you go, remember where you came from. This proverb is important for those who strive to make the Metaverse their new home and livelihood. A concept artist blew up a $250,000 Lamborghini and turned the destroyed parts into a collection of 999 NFTs under the pretense of protesting the get rich quick culture.

Burning something against the get rich quick idea just to sell NFTs and get rich quick himself, is the dumbest NFT-related story in a long time. It just proves that people will stop at nothing to burn beautiful objects and works of art just to profit from them, charred or not.

Teilor Stone

Teilor Stone

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