A First NFT Art Drop Journey and Making the Metaverse Safe – Podtail

In episode one, Ron and Chris explore NFTs and digital art with Jason also known as 0xBanana.
1:18: What is the Metaverse?:
2:04: Tumbling down the Metaverse “rabbit hole.”
3:00: What are Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) all about?:
5:55: Is this just a fad? What’s the future of NFTs?
7:44: What future technologies/art are on the horizon?
9:30: What makes NFTs so exclusive/valuable?
11:34: How do art royalties work?
12:16: How do you verify authenticity for art, media, etc?
14:20: What is Solana and how does it relate to NFTs?
15:31: What is the NFT and Solana community like?
16:55: How can we break into the Solana space?
18:33: What is the significance of a “drop?”
20:19: Flipping art
21:52: NFT art drop best practices
24:25: How does one become an artist in the space?
26:01: Life changing realization
0xBanana: Twitter Art Instagram


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